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Waiting for Change

Silver Birch Press

We all wait for something at one time or another. I wrote this poem based on a prompt with the theme of "waiting." It is semi-biographical...

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Vanishing Twin

The Muddy River Review

In 1997, I had a seven-centimeter tumor removed from my left ovary. It contained bone, hair and teeth. Today they consider this strange tumo...

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Lament of Trophies

The Effects of Grace

I wrote this poem based on the song "The Old Rugged Cross." So often our shame is a trophy we carry until we lay it at the foot of the cross...

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Mocking Song

Wildflower Muse

So often we allow the words from others play over and over again in our head. We listen to the mocking as if it were truth. We need to rise ...

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Therein Lies the Sweetness

Carnival Literary Magazine

On page 36 of Carnival Literary Magazine is a poem I wrote after my son, who was a bouncer at local bar, found a drunk female patron on his ...

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Missing Childhood

Electric Rather

For so many reasons beyond my control, I lost my childhood. Missing Childhood focuses on my feelings of loss.

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A Sonnet of Bipolar Woes

Electric Rather

Bipolar disorder is about as difficult to understand in the early days of diagnosis as a sonnet is to write, so I put the two together in on...

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Naming My Birth

The Blue Hour

I wrote this poem after my mom told me once again about my grueling birth. I must repeat "Once again."

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A Wife's Concession


A Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty inspired me to write this poem.

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100 Word Challenge for RiverLit

Sanctuary was for River Lit's 100 word challenge. My bedroom because my sanctuary during my Ovarian Cancer journey.

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It Snapped

Cheap Pop

I wrote my flash creative nonfiction piece "It Snapped" at my son's five year drug free anniversary. Distance gave me new insight into the ...

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The Dance

Coffee and Crumbs

After all the trials and tribulations Brandon experienced with his health, one of my proudest moments was sharing our mother/son dance at hi...

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In My Sister's Shadow

Dime Show Review

"In My Sister's Shadow" was written during the Strawmat Salon. I also did a reading with Strawmat at Nox Cocktail and Comfort Foods.

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Underground Mission

The City Key

Several years ago, I worked with Streets for Christ, an outreach to the homeless in Rochester, N.Y. At 11:00 PM, on Friday nights, we often...

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Hopping a Bus

100 Word Challenge for RiverLit

I was the little runaway from the time I was nine years old and into my early teens. Even in my adulthood, I had moments of running away fro...

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Cocooned in Hope

The Barefoot Review

When one first hears the word cancer, it can cause a powerful flood of emotions, but I found hope until my ordeal ended.

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Our Foster Son, Our Son

Stories: The Magazine

When our foster son (I rather call him my son) came to visit us, we talked about the horrendous experiences he had before he came to live in...

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Miscarriage: One Woman's Story

Complete Woman Magazine

I wrote this piece for an undergraduate course at Trinity College of Vermont. Publishing was a requirement for passing. Many chose the easy...

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